Download free Pregnancy & Childbirth – Litong Lei pdf

Pregnancy & Childbirth – Litong Lei
The bible for expectant mothers, the 280 golden days from pregnancy to delivery. Author is a career woman / writer / blogger and a proud parent of a two-year-old girl. The content of the book is reviewed by Xu Shibin, an experienced OBGYN physician, clinic director and head of OBGYN at Mackay Memorial Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Taiwan. In Traditional Chinese. Distributed...
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Download free Prepare for a Caesarean (Twins) : Self Hypnosis – Maggie Howell pdf

Prepare for a Caesarean (Twins) : Self Hypnosis – Maggie Howell
By listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy(t) CD in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, you will master effective breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques, helping you to stay calm and relaxed throughout the experience thus helping both you and your babies have a better caesarean birth and post natal experience. In addition, the techniques will help you have a speedy post...
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Download free Successful Potty Training – Heather Welford pdf

Successful Potty Training – Heather Welford
Knowing when, and how, to move out of nappies can be difficult. Successful Potty Training discusses all the options and helps you spot when your child is ready to start as well as decide on the right method for you both. Potty training is one of those first big hurdles for new parents. This practical guide answers all their questions: * When and how should it begin? * Is there a right...
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